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Original Ladybug Land

Original Ladybug Land

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See ladybug larvae transform into friendly ladybugs!
Now you can observe every fascinating stage of ladybug metamorphosis with our see-through, domed Original Ladybug Land.
Your Original Ladybug Land Includes:
  • Beautiful diorama style habitat
  • Original Ladybug Land Instruction Guide
  • Built-in magnifying lid for up-close ladybug observation
  • Water reservoir “volcano” keeps thirsty ladybugs happy
  • Watering pipette
  • A shipping tube containing 10 to 13 ladybug larvae 

Easy to Maintain
Your ladybug larvae will arrive in a special shipping tube complete with food. This will be all the food your larvae will need to develop into Pink Spotted Ladybugs. Children may be surprised to find that ladybug larvae are not as cute and round as their adult counterparts. They actually look like tiny alligators!
To begin, remove the magnification cap from the top of your ladybug habitat. Angle the habitat slightly and then  carefully sprinkle the ladybug larvae, food  and strips of paper from the tube into the habitat. Try not to sprinkle the larvae and food onto the sponge in the volcanic crater. Then, using the pipette included, place a couple of drops of water on the sponge in the middle of the crater. The ladybug larvae will visit the crater when they are thirsty, so be sure to keep the sponge moist, but not saturated, for the duration of their lifecycle. 
Keep your Original Ladybug Land in a safe place away from heat or drafts and get ready to watch the ladybug activity!

Raise Your Very Own Ladybugs!
The ladybug larvae will busy themselves searching for food, eating, molting, and growing constantly. It’s fun to keep a your very own ladybug journal to record your larvae’s activity and growth
Soon, the larvae will have stored enough energy to pupate. They will attach themselves to the floor and walls of the dome, curl up and harden into pupae. After about 5 days, they will emerge as adult ladybugs.
Once your larvae have metamorphosed into adult ladybugs, they will depend on you to provide them with food. Simply soak one or two raisins in water for about 5 minutes, blot them on a paper towel, cut them in half and drop them into the Original Ladybug Land. This should keep your ladybugs well fed for about a week. When the raisin disappears, place another one in the habitat.
If you happen to have plants outdoors infested with harmful aphids, you can place a few of the aphid-covered leaves in your Original Ladybug Land. Ladybugs are especially fond of aphids!

Set Them Free!
Enjoy your ladybugs for 3 to 4 days, then let them go outdoors where they can begin the ladybug life cycle all over again. Ladybugs are especially helpful creatures and can assist you in ridding your garden of harmful pests (like aphids).
If you would like your ladybugs to remain in your yard, release them in the morning. Take the Ladybug Land outside, remove the dome of the habitat and let your ladybugs fly! 
You can use the Original Ladybug Land over and over again. 
A female ladybug can lay 50 eggs in one day. She will lay up to 1,000 eggs during her lifetime!
There’s so much to know about ladybugs! Learn more fascinating ladybug facts by visiting Insect Lore’s Ladybug FAQ.
5 ladybug larvae are guaranteed to develop into adult ladybugs.