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Kaloo Tendresse My First Fabric Doll-Lucas
Kaloo Tendresse My First Fabric Doll-Lucas

Kaloo Tendresse My First Fabric Doll-Lucas

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Tendresse dolls were designed with developmental needs of a child in mind. They can be essential in your child’s emotional and social growth.

Tendresse offers visual and tactile softness with high quality materials. The collection has been carefully thought out to accompany, cuddle and engage little boys and girls of a new generation. Soft dolls with different personalities, ethnicities, soft colors and delicate finishes.

Tendresse is a child's first companion and first friend.

  • Learning to self soothe - Tendresse soft body dolls are important in helping young children cope with anxiety and stress when they are separated from a parent or caregiver.
  • Early Social Development - Tendresse dolls make great friends–in pretend and in reality. They can help toddlers begin developing social skills as they interact with a “friend.”
  • Early language development - When children “socialize” with their Tendresse doll, they’re encouraged to talk. Pretend play and roleplay teach them how to interact both emotionally and verbally.
  • Early literacy skills - As a child plays with their Tendresse doll, they will often have their toys “talk” to each other. That back-and-forth conversation lays the groundwork for storytelling.