***We Sanitize Floors, Counters, Doors, Register, Cash, Toys, and Shelving OFTEN & Wear Masks for Safety*** (Bathroom for Washing Hands and Hand Sanitizer Available)

Live Reindeer Event Sunday Nov 29th Ticket ***SOLD OUT***

Live Reindeer Event Sunday Nov 29th Ticket ***SOLD OUT***

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Please read all these instructions as they are extremely important for the safety of everyone.

  • Only 25 people can be at an event at one time (per Indiana guidelines due to COVID).
  • FREE tickets can be purchased (for FREE) on our website. They will help us keep track of admittance.
  • Times will be strictly enforced due to the high demand.
  • If you miss your scheduled time you can wait in line and get in when a spot becomes available.
  • If you do not have a ticket you can stand in line and wait for an open spot. (Tickets Preferred)
  • There will be coordinators outside keeping track and counting to ensure a safe event.
  • Coordinators will control the flow and will let you know when your turn has come.
  • Social distancing and a mask are mandatory for ALL visitors outside and inside the store.
  • Print out your ticket order showing your time slot or show the email with info to coordinators.
  • Let’s ALL make this a safe and FUN event, with your help, patience, and cooperation we can do this!

Tickets will be available online at https://santastoys.com