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Complete Pre-Filled Stocking Stuffers for Boys
Complete Pre-Filled Stocking Stuffers for Boys

Complete Pre-Filled Stocking Stuffers for Boys

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Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for boys?

Look no further. This is THE ULTIMATE STOCKING for boys of all ages. Each premium boys stocking features 13 classic specialty toys guaranteed to spark curiosity, creativity, and hours of fun!

Each complete stocking includes the following toys:

  1. Plus Plus Tube - Precision crafted euro-toys encourage imagination and stimulate their innovative talents. 70+ bricks in a reusable, travel-friendly container. BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic.
  2. Slime - One random container of slime (Metallic, Neon, Mix-in or Fluffy).
  3. Dino Squishimal - This squishy dinosaur is made of super stretchy tacky rubber and filled with tiny beads. A perfect sensory fidget toy, non-toxic.
  4. Duncan Imperial Yo-Yo - The original classic beginner yo-yo featuring a narrow string gap, steel axle and durable plastic body in bold colors.
  5. MW Scented Putty - Soft and pliable scented putty in unique colors for kneading, molding, stretching with amazing aromas. Gluten-free and non-toxic.
  6. Needoh Ball - The experience of squeezing this stress ball will blow your mind, soothe your soul, and have you feeling groovy in no time! Assorted colors, randomly selected.
  7. Mashems - Each mystery Mash'ems character is a squishy collectible mini character housed in a tiny plastic capsule.
  8. Finger Elf - One random design to provide hours of solo or group play. Race, battle, stack, and spin them upside down!
  9. Teeny TY - Perfect size, bright colors, fat and round fun!
  10. MarblesEach net bag contains 24 glass marbles, one shooter, and playing instructions. Assorted patterns.
  11. Original Silly Putty - Bouncing, moldable fun in the classic red eggshell case.
  12. Mini Pinball Game - Pull back the lever and fire away; Classic Pinball provides hours of handheld entertainment!
  13. Micro Prop Top - The popular Prop Top now in miniature! 8 per pack, ready to fly!

Plus, while supplies last, get a FREE Stocking with purchase (Stocking style is chosen randomly)

That's an over $70 value for only $49.95!