***We Sanitize Floors, Counters, Doors, Register, Cash, Toys, and Shelving OFTEN & Wear Masks for Safety*** (Bathroom for Washing Hands and Hand Sanitizer Available)

Store Health & Safety Policy

Santa’s Toys has signage on the entrance asking visitors/shoppers NOT to enter the store if they are sick or have felt sick recently. (Fever, Dry Cough, or Shortness of Breath). The sign also asks everyone including children to maintain six feet of distance always, per CDC guidelines. Parents/Guardians/Adults are asked to watch the children closely and ensure the 6-foot social distancing is followed.

Floor markers are located six feet apart anywhere visitors/shoppers are likely to queue.

Santa’s Toys offers hand sanitizer as well as bathroom access for hand washing.

We offer curbside pickup and a private shopping experience before/after hours.

Point-of-sale terminals are 6 feet apart and second POS is only used when absolutely needed. 

Santa’s Toys encourages the use of contactless payment options for patrons like credit cards, and NO signature is required.

High-traffic areas have been widened to the extent store configuration allows. 

We require employees to wear face masks when checking out customers and while customers are in the store.

Sanitizing is done frequently on floors, doors, checkout counters, cash, point of sale terminals, shelving, bathrooms, demo areas, light switches, shopping carts/baskets, and anywhere/anything touched or breathed on.

When new items are received by a shipping carrier, we sanitize the outside of the box and each individual item to ensure safety.

Our back room is sanitized often also, the fridge, microwave, computers, pens, printer and anything touched or breathed on.

Employee Training has been completed including Social distancing guidelines and expectations. How to monitor personal health and body temperature at home.  How to properly wear, remove, and dispose of face masks and PPE. Guidance on how to launder cloth face masks and uniforms. Cleaning protocol, including how to safely and effectively use cleaning supplies.

Santa’s Toys will now and in the future always put our visitors/customers safety and happiness first.