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Like any motivated entrepreneur, Santa is always looking for ways to expand his reach and impact - so he's set up shop right here to deliver presents year round. His focus: making the most special toys and gifts for the most special kids! Every day is a holiday when you're visiting Santa's workshop, open to visitors 365 days a year.

See how Santa's elves liven up New Year's, help out the Easter bunny, make Fall more fun, and, of course, brighten up Christmas for kids everywhere. You can browse Santa's exceptional and unique toys for all the good girls and boys online at santastoys.com and in person at Santa's Toys in Santa Claus, Indiana.

At our store, you'll find what we like to call "specialty toys." We are always concentrated on craftsmanship, quality, and most of all fun! If you're in the market for timeless toys you won't find anywhere else, you're in the right place. Play awakens the imagination, gets the mind moving, and feeds the spirit. You're invited to play with us here at Santa's Toys.