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Voice N' Go Racer Yellow

Voice N' Go Racer Yellow

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Voice N' Go Racer is a brand new line from MukikiM featuring Voice Activated Race Cars! Wear your "smart watch" on your wrist on speak into it to tell the car what to do. Voice commands include: »Go Forward »Go Back »Car Brake »Demo »Turbo »Lights On »Lights Off Manually steer the car from your watch to make it go left or right. 

Features 2.4GHz radio control, 3.7V rechargeable battery, USB charging (cord included), 3 speeds.

Use the trim settings on the bottom of the car to fine tune the steering to your liking. Range: up to 65ft away Multiple cars can play at the same time - perfect for buddy play!

Available in Red, Blue, or Yellow!

Watch charge time: 15-20 minutes, Play time: 70-80 minutes

Car charge time: 50-60 minutes, Play time: 25-35 minutes Box includes:

1-Car »1-Watch »1-USB charging cord »1-User Manual Recommended for everyone ages 6+