Georgie Giraffe Sshlumpie

Georgie Giraffe Sshlumpie

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You might say that crafting a toy that’s both a blankie and a stuffed animal is a tall order, but we’ve combined both in Georgie, our plush Giraffe Sshlumpie! Irresistibly understuffed and fashioned from only the most luxurious materials, it’s no wonder Georgie is Baby’s best friend. This happy go lucky personality smiles brightly out at the world and is loaded with cute details. From her soft, cloven feet to the whimsical bird embellishment on her belly, there’s so much to love about Georgie! Treat Baby to the cuddliest of safari pals with this lush Sshlumpie companion. Shop our entire Georgie the Giraffe collection to assemble your very own custom set of Giraffe accessories!

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Weight 5.3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 in

Birth & Up


19" Long


(48 cm)



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Georgie Giraffe